About Us

Our Story

Halloween Moments has created the #1 Pumpkin Cleaning & Carving Solution – ELIMINATING the sticky, slimy, cold, wet mess that everyone HATES!  Our motto, “All About the Experience” involves providing this #1 solution so that everyone can simply enjoy a fun pumpkin carving experience that is quick, clean, and easy.

 Halloween Moments understands the frustration, the tears, the disgust that everyone faces with cleaning out a pumpkin. It is absolutely the most dreaded part of pumpkin carving and now we have the #1 solution to eliminate all those feelings.

Company History

Creating memories while celebrating holiday traditions has played a big part in our family unity. Halloween Pumpkin Carving has always been one to remember! With four children, who year after year were excited to go to the pumpkin patch determined to pick the biggest pumpkin ever, pumpkin carving became quite the experience. The feelings of excitement and determination would quickly turn to frustration and tears after the much-anticipated step of Dad cutting the top off the pumpkin.

The sight and feel of the pumpkin’s sticky, slimy, cold, wet, goopy mess was enough to end the experience. The children were done and now it was left to us, Mom and Dad, to clean them out. We needed a change, we wanted our children to have the “whole experience” of pumpkin carving and experience it in a fun, enjoyable way! Hence the invention and creation of the Pumpkin Glove Scraper and the #1 Pumpkin Cleaning & Carving Experience.