2-Pack Adult Pumpkin Glove Scraper Bundle Kit

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2-Pack Adult Pumpkin Glove Scraper Bundle Kit

2-Pack Adult Pumpkin Glove Scraper Bundle Kit

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Halloween Moments has created the #1 Pumpkin Cleaning & Carving Solution – ELIMINATING the sticky, slimy, cold, wet mess that everyone HATES! Our motto, “All About the Experience” involves providing this #1 solution so that everyone can simply enjoy a fun pumpkin carving experience that is quick, clean, and easy. This product comes with the best pumpkin carving tools on the market including our revolutionary pumpkin glove scraper, an extra glove for added protection, and two carving knives. Halloween Moments understands the frustration, the tears, the disgust that everyone faces with cleaning out a pumpkin. It is absolutely the most dreaded part of pumpkin carving and now we have the #1 solution to eliminate all those feelings.

Additional Information

Adult Glove Dimensions

Length 23.5″ – Scraper 4″

Base Opening 8″

  • 2 Adult Pumpkin Glove Scraper
  • 2 Large Protective Latex Glove
  • 1 Large 7" Carving Knife
  • 1 Small 5.5" Carving Knife

Looking for an awesome pumpkin carving experience? This 2-pack of adult Pumpkin Glove Scrapers will get the job done – AND keep you clean the rest of the night!